A zombified Doberman

In the Resident Evil video games, zombie dogs are canines that have been infected with the T-virus, a mutagenic toxin created by the Umbrella Corporation. All of the zombie dogs seen in the games have appeared as Doberman hounds, though it seems likely that any other breed would suffer the same effects.


Umbrella originally tested the T-virus on dogs in their laboratory in the Arklay Mountains, hoping to create an enhanced breed that would serve as a bio-organic weapon. They injected the virus directly into their guard dogs and the canines underwent a swift and grotesque mutation. The dogs lost patches of fur and skin, exposing bones and innards. As well as these physical changes, the dogs became increasingly aggressive and bloodthirsty. These specimens were designated MA-39 Cerberus, after the mythological guardian of the Greek underworld. The specimens could not be trained due to their heightened aggression and their value as B.O.W.'s was lost, however T-virus outbreaks that have taken place since the Arklay incident have led to ordinary household dogs becoming infected and going wild.

Traits and abilities

  • Cellular deterioration - Like human zombies, infected canines undergo severe necrosis. However, their level of deterioration is not as devastating as it is to humans and they retain most of their physical abilities from before infection.
  • Heightened aggression - Dobermans could be aggressive enough before, but after suffering T-infection they become overly territorial and will ferociously attack, kill and devour any living thing on sight.
  • Endurance - Zombie dogs have almost as much endurance as human zombies and can endure several gunshots. Damaging the head is the quickest way to kill them.
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