Zombies are creatures from Mojang's Minecraft franchise.


The most common hostile mob encountered in Minecraft, Zombies are green, humanoid monsters who wear various different styles of tattered clothing but are most often encountered wearing a turquoise shirt and purple trousers. Zombies spawn both in dark areas and at night time in the Overworld; any Zombie exposed to sunlight will start to burn and eventually die.

These creatures are capable of detecting a player within a much greater radius than that of other hostile mobs, and once damaged will call for assistance from any other Zombies present in an even larger span. Zombies will not attempt to defend themselves, simply attacking over and over until one combatant is dead or fleeing.

If a player happens to be awake in a large enough village at midnight, then a large number of Zombies may spawn on the outskirts and proceed to attack the village. This occurrence is known as a Zombie Siege, and unlike other mobs, a certain proportion of Zombies are capable of breaking down wooden doors to get at the occupants inside.


Zombie Villagers

Zombie Villager

When a Zombie spawns naturally, there is a chance that it may appear as a Zombie Villager; this may also occur if a Villager is killed by a Zombie. These monsters behave identically to regular Zombies, although there are certain techniques which enable a player to cure these Zombies, changing them back into regular Villagers.

Baby Zombies

A small percentage of Zombies will spawn as Baby Zombies; these critters appear identical to normal Zombies, albeit half the size, are faster than their larger brethren, but are no easier to kill. In addition, they are capable of mounting chickens, turning them into the creatures known as Chicken Jockeys.

Armed Zombies

Some Zombies are capable of picking up and using dropped items. If these items happen to be armour, weapons or tools, then the Zombie will gain all the combat benefits of that item, including any enchantments it might possess.


Chicken Jockey

Husks are a variation of Zombie which are slightly taller, apply a status effect with their attack, and do not burn in sunlight. Other than this, they behave in a similar manner to their regular counterparts, and are capable of spawning in Baby Husk (Baby Villager) and Chicken Jockey types.

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