Zerbebuth is a one-of-a-kind Zoanoid from the Guyver series. He was optimized and trained for combat at Chronos HQ and was developed to be a "Hyper-Zoanoid". His form incorporates elements of other standard Zoanoid types, including Vamore and Gregole.


When Commander-in-Chief Richard Guyot assumed control of Chronos' Japanese branch, Zerbebuth and a number of other Hyper-Zoanoids accompanied him. Following this takeover, Zerbebuth was charged with the task of eliminating the high school student Sho Fukamachi, the host of the Guyver I. Zerbebuth's strength was overwhelming for Sho, who was still inexperienced in combat. However, Sho got lucky during the fight and struck Zerbebuth in the face with his knee, which seemed to have some effect. Zerbebuth attempted to take another student hostage and then call for reinforcements, but was ambushed by Guyver III, who sliced him in half.


  • Superior Strength - Zerbebuth's strength has not been accurately confirmed but is suspected to be at least 20 times that of a normal human being.
  • Chitinous Skin - The carapace-like skin of Zerbebuth's body is capable of absorbing the shock of any impact and cannot be penetrated by lasers. However, the thick chitin also reduces his flexibility.
  • Bio-lasers - Like Vamore, Zerbebuth possesses high-output laser weapons that are part of his body. He fires the beams from spherical emitters in his forearms.
  • Acid Discharge - Zerbebuth's horn-like antennae can spray streams of highly corrosive acid that can liquefy a human body in a second.
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