The Yeti, sometimes referred to as The Abominable Snowman amongst many other names, is a Bigfoot-like cryptid said to inhabit the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. Although several supposed samples of its hair and tissue have been recovered, and footprints alleged to belong to it have been recorded, these have for the most part been proven to belong to known animals. This leaves the existence of the Yeti in serious doubt, at least amongst the modern scientific community.


Usually described as resembling some kind of enormous primate, the Yeti is a bipedal creature, most commonly said to be covered in a thick coat of white hair, stand well in excess of six feet tall, heavily muscled and with the face of an ape. Whilst sightings of the Yeti amongst Westerners is exceedingly rare, it is claimed that the native Nepalese hold a strong belief in its existence.

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