Wretches are squat, semi-humanoid creatures that have appeared in all of the Gears of War games. Used by the Locust Horde as expendable attack dogs, Wretches scamper across the battlefield in large packs, clambering over obstacles and through tight spaces in order to reach their prey. They are unintelligent, savage creatures that the Locust have turned into living weapons with brutal training methods; they carry no weapons and fight using only their claws and teeth. A pack of Wretches can easily overwhelm a lone human and tear him/her to shreds, and because they move so quickly Gears have been known to waste a lot of ammunition trying to hit them. Wretches are rather weak and it doesn't take much firepower to kill them, but more skilled Gears tend to wait for the creatures to get close, then tear them apart with Lancer chainsaws or blast them with shotguns. It is highly unlikely that Wretches are actually related to the proper Locust, and it is unknown whether or not that they survived the Imulsion countermeasure.