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Wraiths are menacing undead creatures from the Dungeons & Dragons game. Their name is derived from the old Scottish word for ghost.


A wraith appears as a vaguely humanoid entity that seems to be draped in black cloth. It drifts through the air, leaving a dark haze in its wake. There is nothing beneath its hood except for total blackness.

Wraiths represent the souls of beings that commited evil deeds in life. Their precise shape can be defined by how they appeared in life, so they may appear to be carrying weapons such as swords and axes when encountered.

Wraiths speak Common and Infernal.


  • Intangibility - As incorporeal beings, wraiths cannot be harmed by material objects.
  • Incorporeal Touch - The touch of a wraith can bypass armour completely and inflict damage upon a victim's very soul.
  • Create Spawn - Anyone killed by a wraith will have their spirit torn from their body and turned into a new wraith that obeys the wraith that created them. If the master wraith is slain, its spawn will also be destroyed.
  • Unnatural Aura - A wraith is perpetually shrouded in an aura of evil. Any animal, wild or domesticated, within 30 feet of this aura will be driven into a panicked frenzy. This can, however, alert others to a wraith's presence ahead of time.


  • Magic - Wraiths are immune to physical attacks, but magic spells and enchanted weaponry will still have an effect.
  • Sunlight - Natural light from the sun will repel a wraith and render it utterly powerless.
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