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The Whirling Whimpus (Latin, Turbinoccissus nebuloides) is a creature which draws its roots from North American folklore.


Inhabiting the forested mountains of Tennessee, the Whirling Whimpus is a creature known to have an insatiable appetite for human blood, and has been blamed with the disappearance of many a vanished woodsman. With a body and head reminiscent of that of a gorilla, the Whimpus has short, stubby legs, simian arms and large paws and feet.

When hunting, the Whirling Whimpus picks a spot along a trail, preferably around a bend, and begins to spin. As the Whimpus spins faster and faster it finally becomes invisible, emitting a strange droning noise. Those who are not aware of what this noise denotes will walk right into the Whimpus’s danger zone, where they are smashed into a paste by the creature’s high-speed fists; this paste is what the animal feeds on.

Further reading

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