The Wheezer is a type of Necromorph that appears in the first Dead Space game. It appears as a hunched-over adult human, but its arms and legs have been fused together and a pair of large lung-like organs have grown out of its back. These lungs continuously produce and exhale toxic gases for the purpose of producing a new ecosystem that only supports Necromorphs.

Wheezers are an objective in Chapter 6 of Dead Space. They are immobile and cannot attack Isaac Clarke directly. The gases they exhume contaminate the local environment, forcing Isaac to rely on his RIG suit's independent oxygen supply. In order to proceed further, Isaac must locate all eight Wheezers within the USG Ishimura's hydroponics bay. The creatures can be killed with any weapon except for the Flamethrower (since the toxic environment of the hydroponics bay is scripted as a vacuum area in the game), the Line Gun's secondary fire and melee attacks. Once all Wheezers in the area have been killed, the air recycling systems will kick in and eliminate the toxins from the hydroponics bay.