Wendy O'Koopa is one of the seven Koopalings and the only female Koopaling in the Super Mario franchise. In the early games and the TV shows, Wendy and her brothers are depicted as Bowser's children, but this concept was dropped following the introduction of Bowser Jr.. She was known as Kootie Pie Koopa in the animated shows.


Wendy is roughly the same size as her brother Larry, and like each of her brothers she has the same tan skin, though her head is also this colour. She has a pink spiked shell, has cyan-blue eyes and no hair. She wears a pink bow with white spots on her head, a red pearl necklace, gold ring bracelets and pink heeled shoes. She also has fat, puffy lips adorned with pink lipstick.


Wendy is something of a diva and often behaves like a spoiled brat. She is extremely self-absorbed and considers herself both strong and beautiful. She is very demanding and bosses her minions around incessantly, flying off on temper tantrums if anyone displeases her. She views Princesses Peach and Daisy as her rivals, possibly hinting that she may have a crush on Mario.


Wendy, like the other Koopalings, is physically tough and can endure a great deal of punishment. She has survived Mario's stomps, being dunked in lava and having buildings collapse on her. Using her magic wand, she creates numerous glowing rings that she throws at her enemies. These rings can ricochet off of surfaces, making them extremely dangerous in confined spaces.

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