Walrus Giganticus image.jpg

The Walrus Giganticus was a creature which made an appearance in the 1977 fantasy movie Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger.


The only example of Walrus Giganticus seen in the film appeared to be a walrus grown to extraordinary size. More than twice as tall as a man and several times that in length, the creature had a pebbly, mottled skin and tusks which were easily six feet long. It was also very aggressive in nature, and showed no fear of humans.


Whilst journeying through the polar region of Hyperborea on a quest, Sinbad and his small crew encountered a Walrus Giganticus which erupted through the ice nearby and attacked them, killing several of the men. After a failed attempt to drag the beast away from their campsite using a net, the walrus eventually chose to retreat back to the sea, taking a large portion of their supplies with it. 

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