Vort slave HL2
The Vortigaunt are a sentient alien race that appear in Valve's classic FPS game, Half-Life. They are a highly intelligent and social race with a deep spirituality, though throughout most of their history their culture has been repressed in one form or another. The Vortigaunt homeworld was long ago invaded by the Combine, a ruthless alien conglomeration which would one day invade and conquer Earth as well. Many of the Vortigaunt were able to flee to the distant world of Xen, only to be enslaved by the Nihilanth. During the events of the first Half-Life game, Dr. Gordon Freeman found himself attacked by many Vortigaunt slaves. In Half-Life 2, the Vortigaunt are free of the Nihilanth, but some are still under the control of the Combine whereas the rest of the Vortigaunt within City 17 work alongside Freeman and other humans in order to overthrow the Combine..


Vortigaunts are a semi-humanoid race with one head, two legs, two arms and a smaller third arm growing out of the torso. They have mottled, greenish-brown skin, a large red eye with several smaller eyes around it, breathing tubes on either side of the mouth and two-digit hands. Vortigaunt enslaved by the Nihilanth or Combine have metallic shackles on their arms, a collar around their necks and plates covering the crotch area. Free Vortigaunt have no apparel at all.


Vortigaunt possess a unique ability to generate and manipulate electrical energy. They have been known to project electrical arcs as a form of attack and also have used it to charge machinery. They also possess some kind of astral awareness that they refer to as the "Vortessence". This force is described by them as being "woven into the fabric of the universe itself" and allows the Vortigaunt to communicate telepathically and affords them a greater understanding of the machinations of the cosmos and all life within it.

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