Victreebel is the third and final evolution in the Flycatcher Pokémon family, evolving from Weepinbell after being exposed to a Leaf Stone. Upon evolution, it grows to over 5 feet in height and develops two distinct fangs within its circular mouth. It is said to live in large colonies in heavily-forested areas, but they are almost never encountered in the wild. It makes a distinct shrill cry that can easily be mistaken for a woman screaming.

Pokédex Data

Victreebel's large yellow body is covered with light green speckles and is adorned with three green leaves, one on either side and one hanging above its open maw. From its mouth-leaf grows a long brown vine which Victreebel uses to lure prey into its midst then snatch up and deposit into its mouth. Like its evolutionary predecessors, Victreebel's internal acids can melt through anything.


  • Sweet Scent - Victreebel's nectar emits a pleasant odour to lure in prey.
  • Vine Whip - Victreebel uses its vine to whip its opponent.
  • Stockpile - After eating, Victreebel can either fully digest its meal and gain strength from the nutrients or spit its food back up to attack an enemy.
  • Leaf Storm - Victreebel bombards the opponent with a hail of razor-sharp leaves.