Vasilisa, whose true name has been lost to the winds of time, is a vampire of Clan Nosferatu who features in White Wolf Publishing’s World of Darkness universe.


In it’s breathing days, Vasilisa was a small child, although whether a boy or a girl is uncertain. Since becoming one of the Kindred, Vasilisa can take on virtually any look it chooses, and delights in assuming the form that it’s victims are most terrified of.


One of the first vampires Embraced by Absimiliard, Vasilisa was a child who had been sentenced to death by the elders of its village for a series of psychotic and motiveless murders, including those of its family. When first encountered by the Antediluvian, the child was crouched in a room watching a spider consume an insect, and when Absimiliard offered it the choice of either becoming the spider or its prey, the child immediately chose to become the spider.


Possessed of very little humanity in life, as one of the Kindred Vasilisa was a stone cold killer. Used by Absimiliard as an undead assassin of unparalleled skill, as such it was sent by her sire to slay the dread entity known as the Baba Yaga, an act with it accomplished with surprising ease.

Disappearing from the eyes of vampire society after this action, Vasilisa’s current whereabouts and activities are unknown, although due to her sires’ hatred towards his descendants, it may be safely assumed that she is engaged in the hunting and killing of the remainder of Clan Nosferatu.

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