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Vampires - also known as "Nosferatu" - are ferocious undead creatures from the comic book mini-series and film franchise 30 Days of Night. In the comics and the first film, the Alaskan town of Barrow enters a period in which the sun sets for a full thirty days, allowing these terrifying creatures to prey on the townspeople continuously without the risk of being exposed to sunlight.


The vampires of 30 Days of Night are mostly similar to other vampire types, though there are some notable differences. In 30 Days, vampirism is a virus that is spread to humans via vampire blood. Any contact with their blood will result in infection and transformation.

Vampires have a number of visible differences to humans: deathly grey skin, darkened and narrowed eyes, and most notably their mouths are filled with razor-sharp teeth.

Vampires seem to still possess their human intelligence and memories, but no longer regard human companions with the same familiarity they once did. They become extremely bloodthirsty and revel in feeding and killing with savage glee.

Not much is known about vampire social structure, but it is clear that they prefer to keep their existence secret from humanity. They normally do not hunt in large groups, but because of the circumstances of the events in 30 Days of Night, they seize a rare opportunity to hunt with relative impunity by attacking the town of Barrow, which is largely isolated from anywhere else and the only settlement far enough north to experience such a long period without any sunlight.


  • Superhuman Strength - Vampires are physically stronger and faster than humans.
  • Heightened Senses - Vampires have enhanced senses of smell, sight and hearing.
  • Teleportation - Vampires can teleport short distances, allowing them to easily ambush prey.
  • Telepathy - Vampires maintain a psychic connection with one another.
  • Immortality - While not truly immortal, vampires are extremely difficult to kill and do not suffer from disease or ageing. In the event that a vampire is killed, if human blood comes into contact with the remains, the slain vampire will quickly regenerate.


  • Decapitation - Vampires can be slain by severing the head from the body.
  • Ultraviolet Light - Sunlight will cause vampires to disintegrate into ash.
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