Valkyries are legendary beings from Norse mythology.


According to several texts, sagas and runic inscriptions dating from the 13th-14th centuries, the Valkyries (whose name loosely translates as "chooser of the slain") were female warriors who collected the souls of half of those who died in battle and carried them off to the Hall of Valhalla to serve Odin as einherjar, men who would fight in the final battle of Ragnarok. There, the Valkyries would serve these fighters mead. Other accounts portray the Valkyries as lovers and consorts of men, although they are still regarded as supernatural creatures.


There are many sagas and poems regarding the Valkyries in Scandic tradition. A sample of these is included below.

One tale tells of three brothers who came across a trio of women spinning linen on the shores of a lake. The brothers, after identifying the women as Valkyries from the garments that lay nearby, brought them home, where they lived together for seven years. One morning, however, the women flew off to attend a battle, and the brothers never saw them again.

Another poem tells of a young prince named Helgi (translated as the chosen one) who married Svava, the Valkyrie who protected him in several battles. After Helgi dies from a wound sustained in battle, the two are reincarnated. When the reborn Helgi next meets Svava, she is named Sigrun, and she tells Helgi that she has been betrothed to Hoobroddr, an unworthy man. Helgi goes on to assemble an army and wages war with Hoobroddr, other Valkyries flying to his aid. Emerging victorious, Sigrun then pledges herself to Helgi, and the two are reunited.

Named Valkyries

  • Svava, reincarnated as Sigrun
  • Skuld (translated as debt or future)
  • Skogur (shaker)
  • Gunnr (battle or war)
  • Gondul (wand-weaver)
  • Geirskogul (spear-shaker)
  • Hrist (shaker)
  • Mist (cloud)
  • Skeggjold (axe-age)
  • Radgrid (council-truce)
  • Reginleif (power-truce)
  • Hlokk (noise or battle)
  • Herfjotur (host-fetter)
  • Goll (tumult)
  • Geirahod (spear-fight)
  • Randgrid (spear-truce)
  • Hladgudr (swan-white)
  • Helvor alvitr (all-wise or strange-creature)