Okay, so I've just started watching Ben 10 (as you may have guessed from some of my recent articles, but I think that I'm watching a reboot series. Anyway, I digress), and I'm wondering if the aliens that he transforms into should be given their own page. On the one hand, there's not really a huge amount of information on the specific beasties, so each entry would be necessarily short (not that I have a problem with that); on the other, they are very distinctive, each come from their own species, and creating a page solely for Ben Tennyson would become pretty unwieldy, given that he has accessed the DNA of dozens of aliens. Your ideas would be appreciated.

On another note, any help people could give on removing redlinks from here would be appreciated. There are over a thousand, and for a wiki with under 2.5K pages, that's a little ridiculous. I'm trying to take down a couple every week, but there are just so many that I'm not familiar with.

Thanks for reading, and any input on the Ben 10 thing would be great (even if you're not familiar with it).


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