I'm sorry to have to go on about this, but the number of redlinks on Monster Wiki is getting me down. For example, the Zebes page has 57 redlinks. It reads more like a catalogue of creatures than a reminder to go back and add pages.

Whilst I realise that any prolific editor will leave some redlinks behind here and there, and that passing editors will drop some too, the fact that we've got more than 1K pages to be added on a wiki with less than 2.5K pages is something we should be embarrassed about. It looks like every second article is more red than blue. I've been trying to fill in the ones I've left behind, and some of those that I haven't, I just don't have the knowledge - or inclination to research - many of the others. It doesn't help that some users add a bunch of links in the hope that others will create them (see the Pokémon page for an example).

So, in short, I'd be very appreciative if any users could help by knocking some of the redlinks off of the list.


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