This guide will give you the typical knowledge of therianthropic beings including: Physical Statistics, Triggers, Habitats, Behaviors and tips on defensive measures

I don't fully believe in the Werewolf as folklore presents it, however I myself have witnessed mental (and in more extreme cases) physical changes in these victims. I will also include the more well-known versions of werewolves as seen in movies such as Van Hellsing and 2010's The Wolfman.

Typical Humanoid Form Behavior

Many true victims of Therianthropy, or more specifically Werewolfism, are solitary and anxious people, they may refuse to bond with any other Humans, and carry compulsive traits like fleeing and locking every door they leave behind. While not very common, the Human forms will partake almost exclusively of meats.

They show a great distaste for crowds and attention, and if ever possible will sleep alone. If approached with a weapon, the Humanoid may lash out or even go as far as to show changes right then and there (results varied depending on the exposure to their ailment, those who've recently been afflicted with change show high risk of seemingly random mental/physical changes and surges of violent behavior), few cases have lead to murder.

Not much else is known about the Humanoid behavior specifically, as much of it can easily be referenced to schizophrenia, manic/basic depression, and anxiety.

Typical Wolf Form Behavior

Despite what movies depict, Wolves are naturally pack animals and VERY competitive (In one study, two victims were placed in a single room, after the two completed their respective changes there was hardly as much as a growl before the fighting broke out, #2 was the victor). It's mostly a coin-toss between the responses of Hunt or Display Dominance, either way you're going to be hurt.

Wolf Forms are extremely attentive when near weaponry or other animals (ESPECIALLY other victims)


It's most common to encounter Werewolves in forests, nearby populated areas, and some feral beings are even discovered in caves. Humanoids are almost indistinguishable from un-afflicted Humans and will usually own houses or even have their own families, it's very common for them to "travel".

The household of a victim depends on their bonds, if they have families you may as well not suspect a single thing, but for the many that live alone, cleanliness is a luxury (We've once entered a victim's house which had been torn apart from the inside, unfinished meals and trash piles were impossible to step around)

This entry is unfinished, I began writing late into the night, and have very little energy to type further, more data will be presented shortly and promptly when I've found time (And yes, these "studies" are very real, we've even had physical changes which will be explained later in the section: Physical Statistics)

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