Okay. here's the deal.

I bought this book called Zombies vs Unicorns. It is about two authors (Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier) as they try to settle the dispute if zombies or unicorns are better with a collection of short stories. It is a very good book and very funny and grim.

This is the problem.

I am, of course, on team Zombie. Zombies are our own walking deaths. Funny, grim and terrifying, they have sprang into pop culture and crawled into our nightmares, inspiring authors, film makers and many more. What are Unicorns? Fluffy, sickly pastel rainbow-farts.

My best friend disagrees. She says that, because she's a fantasy NUT, Unicorns are magestic beasts, powerful awesome and fierce. proud horses with pointy objects on their heads they are strange, beutiful and powerful. Zombies? ugly undead rats in a somewhat human form. They shed, shamble, carry illnesses, and DON'T EXIST. (and this is coming from a UNICORN LOVER.)

We have several arguments, like this one:

Me: How do you not like zombies? What kind of person doesn't like zombies?

Her: They shed. And shamble. I dissaprove of that.

m: so? I shed. And shamble. DO YOU DISSAPROVE OF ME? T.T

H: No, Poc, I don't. Just Zombies.

M: But, Meli, if you ask a zombie very nicely, they'll give you a piggy back ride, even if you aren't a virgin. And that's why Zombies win. No one holds back on your Zombie-Hating ways.

H: So? the horn of a unicorn can cure illness!! possibaly the illness you might get from riding piggy back on a zombie!!

M: Oh, I see now youre all into unicorn based products! wanna have a unicorn pelt coat too? I wonder how the ASPCA is gonna feel about that!?

This is the solution.

Are you team Zombie or team unicorn? leave a comment, please.

Me: ZOMBIES!!!! (I win)

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