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Upir is a member of a race of Russian vampires whose myths and legends have spread across the steppes, becoming enormously popular in Ukraine. He is an admittedly bloodthirsty vampire, and above all reckless, since he is capable of decimating an entire village in a single night, which usually arouses some kind of suspicion among the authorities. He has the power to walk in broad daylight, although he prefers to attack at night. Upires are not transformed by the bite of another vampire. Russian folklore is very strict on this matter: upirs are the walking corpses of heretics, sorcerers, and witches. The only alternative provenance of the Upyres is through the union of a Werewolf and a witch. The appearance of the Upir is relatively similar to that of human corpses. They have a pale complexion, retracted lips and horribly reddened gums. Its name comes from the Slavic word Upier, which in turn derives from the Turkish root Uber, which means "witch". Over time, the word Upir ended up defining a great variety of diabolical creatures, although almost all Russian texts translate the word "vampire" as Upir.

How to kill an Upir

There were different opinions as to how an upir could be killed. According to belief, stabbing an upir in the heart with a blessed stake would kill the creature, while other people suggested stabbing in the heart while plunging them in holy water was the way to kill upirs.