Unicorn sketch

A sketch of a Unicorn

The unicorn is a legendary magical animal that originates from ancient Greek history (the Greeks were convinced that the creature was real back in ancient times) and was later adopted by European folklore. It appears to be a horse with a coat and mane of pure white fur, yet it also possesses a spiraling horn jutting from its forehead. The horn of the unicorn is made of a material known as alicorn, which is similar in consistency to ivory but possesses great medicinal and magical properties.

The unicorn can be found in numerous historical accounts and mythological tales and is commonly used in various aspects of modern media, many of which add their own details to the nature of this creature. For example, in the Harry Potter books and films, unicorns are described as having silver blood and that the act of killing one and consuming its blood results in the unicorn's killer being cursed. The unicorn is a noble and pure creature, capable of using its magical horn to purify water and heal sickness with a mere touch.