The Unggoy are a race of squat, bipedal reptilian creatures that have appeared in every instalment of the Halo video game franchise. Theirs is one of the many races that make up the Covenant Empire, though unfortunately for the Unggoy, they sit firmly at the bottom of the Covenant hierarchy. They fulfil the roles of slave labour and cannon fodder, suffering from constant degradation and humiliation by the other Covenant races. They were the third Covenant race to be encountered by humans and the United Nations Space Command has labelled them as "Grunts".


Unggoy speak in a barking kind of manner, and do have names, examples being Yayap, Dadab, Flipyap, and similar names. They are the lowest ranking warrior species in the Covenant, being the fastest to reproduce, and often used as cannon fodder. They are usually seen along with Elites or Jackals, although Jackals and Grunts never get along, and often fight.


The Unggoy are squat reptilian creatures with sharp teeth with hardened humps upon their backs. They do not breathe oxygen, instead requiring methane for respiration. The Covenant provide the Unggoy with with methane canisters and mouthpieces that allow them to breathe outside of their homeworld's atmosphere.


The Unggoy are known to carry the following weapons:

  • Plasma Pistol - The standard Covenant sidearm fires small bolts of green energy which do little damage against armoured foes, though the weapons can be charged up to fire more powerful blasts capable of disabling a Spartan's overshields.
  • Needler - This exotic-looking weapon launches crystalline spikes with limited homing capability. If a target is struck by a certain number of these shards, they will detonate and immediately kill the enemy.
  • Fuel Rod Cannon - A heavy weapon that fires highly explosive plasma fuel rods. Though powerful, these weapons lack accuracy.
  • Plasma Grenades - The standard grenade used by most Covenant infantry. These explosive projectiles can stick to targets when thrown. Being stuck by one of these is a guaranteed death sentence. Some Unggoy act as suicide bombers and will run towards enemies while brandishing a plasma grenade in each hand.