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Zombies are also featured in the Resident Evil film series created by Paul W. S. Anderson. The film universe is significantly different from that of the games, though the origin of the zombies is mostly the same.


According to the film canon, the T-virus was originally intended to be a miracle cure that could save people from debilitating diseases, but the Umbrella Corporation saw greater profit by marketing it for military purposes. They used the virus to produce horrific creatures intended to be used as living weapons and began a biological arms race that would lead to the virus escaping and contaminating the entire planet, bringing humanity to the edge of extinction.

Majini undead

The zombies in the Resident Evil films are never called "zombies". They are normally referred to as "Undead". These creatures are virtually the same as their video game counterparts, but there are some differences. These zombies seem to decay at a slower rate; the zombies in the first two films do not appear as rotten as they do in the other films, which are set several years ahead of the first two. Also, after a period of several years, the zombies appear to have undergone significant mutations. In the latter three films, the Undead are shown to be capable of running and have also developed bizarre fleshy mandibles that emerge from their mouths.



  • In Resident Evil: Afterlife, Retribution and The Final Chapter, the Undead have developed petal-like mandibles that emerge from their mouths. These mandibles were inspired by the Majini from the Resident Evil 5 video game, which were not zombies but humans mutated by Las Plagas parasites.