The Ubermorph is a type of Necromorph that is capable of regeneration. It appears in Dead Space 2 and is the second regenerating Necromorph to appear in the series.


Next to nothing is known about the Ubermorph's creation. It does not appear to be made from human tissues like most Necromorphs and its body is comprised of smooth brown skin with none of the obvious injuries common among other Necromorphs. Its shape closely resembles a common Slasher, but its body is clearly bulkier and has no human features whatsoever. It is also capable of quickly regenerating and wounds or severed limbs, just like the Hunter created by Dr. Mercer aboard the USG Ishimura.


The creation of the Ubermorph was shrouded in mystery, though it likely came into existence following the Necromorph outbreak on Titan Station. When the Necromorphs proceeded to swarm the station, the Ubermorph travelled with many of its kind towards the center of the station, where the Site 12 Marker, the cause of the outbreak, lay waiting for Convergence.

When Isaac Clarke deactivated all power to security systems in a bid to access the deepest bowels of the Project Telomere laboratory that had created the Site 12 Marker, the Ubermorph took its chance and entered the facility. As Clarke accessed the secrets of the Marker, the Ubermorph moved on him.

Clarke led the creature on a mad chase through the laboratory, utilizing various weapons and techniques to slow the rampaging monster. Underpowered and on the run, Clarke shut the Ubermorph out from the Marker's storage area and was able to destroy the Marker.

The Ubermorph was destroyed as the Marker's destruction breached the Titan Station reactor and caused it to explode, killing everything on the station.