The Tyrants are a group of entities which feature in Wyrd Games’ Malifaux universe.


A group of ancient creatures with near-godlike powers, the Tyrants were the very first inhabitants and rulers of the world of Malifaux.

The powers of Tyrants vary greatly, and are usually specialized to a particular domain where their abilities excel.


An unknown number of years ago, far before humans arrived in Malifaux, the fae folk and Tyrants waged a cataclysmic war that occasionally spread on Earth, too. The fae lead by their queen Titania were victorious, although this war was also the demise of the fairy queen.

Tyrants were imprisoned in various places, and their corporeal forms were annihilated. This severely diminished their powers. While some tyrants managed to escape from their prison earlier, it wasn't until humans arrived in Malifaux the threat became real. For a tyrant, it is relatively easy to imprint their spirit onto a human host.

Known Tyrants

  • Lord Chompy Bits, formerly known as Nytemare, now the servant of the Earthside human child referred to as The Dreamer.
  • December, tyrant who has a temple in Ten Peaks, and is a source for ice magic.
  • Hamelin, formerly Plague tyrant who possessed a human who stumbled upon his lair.
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