A mass-produced T-103 Tyrant

Tyrants are mass-produced B.O.W.'s developed by the Umbrella Corporation. They are created using human test subjects which are injected with the T-virus and surgically augmented to produce the perfect super-soldier. Apparently only one in every ten million humans has the potential to become a Tyrant after T-infection, the rest become zombies. Viable T-virus hosts gain increased strength, size and speed. They also experience secondary mutation which leads to the development of large claws on their arms, as well as facial deformities. When Tyrants over-exert themselves in battle, they can experience further mutations which can make them even more powerful, but more difficult to control. To combat this, Umbrella installed Limiter devices that kept the Tyrants' powers in check. These devices could be attached to the protective coats that some Tyrants wear or be implanted directly into the body.

Tyrant models

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