Trolls hard at work in the Workshop

Trolls are a common type of creature in the Dungeon Keeper games. These ugly green-skinned humanoids aren't much to look at and only average fighters at best, but they absolutely excel at manufacturing. With their weighty hammers and a properly-sized workshop, trolls can produce large numbers of traps and doors to better fortify your dungeon quickly and efficiently.


  • Melee - Trolls use their large hammers to batter enemies to death.
  • Fireball - High-level trolls can cast deadly balls of fire to immolate enemies.
  • Trap Spotting - With their engineering knowledge, trolls know all the best places where enemies will set their defensive traps and can bypass or disarm them.


  • Manufacturing - Trolls don't care for much else besides putting there dexterous hands to constructive use. So long as they have a spacious workshop and are steadily paid for their labour, they will churn out defence mechanisms for your dungeon almost constantly.


  • Research - Trolls may be good with their hands, but not so much with their minds. They don't like to read or mess around with magic like those stuck-up poncy warlocks do.
  • Giants - Trolls really, REALLY don't like giants. Giants are normally hero-aligned anyway, but you wouldn't catch a troll willingly sharing lair-space with even a bewitched giant.
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