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Trog was a creature who appeared in the 1977 fantasy movie Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger.


Trog was a member of a tribe of creatures called troglodytes who were primitive ancestors of humans. Trog stood around twelve feet tall, had a rough-textured skin and wore a simple tunic which appeared to be fashioned from some kind of animal fur. By far his most distinguishing feature, however, was the single horn which protruded from his forehead.


When Sinbad led a party to the distant continent of Hyperborea in search of the Shrine of Arimaspi, the group encountered Trog whilst bathing in a river. Initially believing him to be hostile, the humans soon realised that Trog posed no threat to them; indeed, after communicating to Trog of their search for the shrine, the creature was able to lead them there in no time at all.

Once the party reached the shrine, they discovered that the evil sorceress Zenobia had beaten them to it. After one of the group killed Zenobia's son, the enraged witch possessed the shrine's guardian, a fearsome Sabre-Toothed Tiger. Turning on the men, the creature attempted to kill them, but at this point Trog intervened. Armed with a spear retrieved from the dead Minoton, Trog battled the cat, but was no match for the feral strength of such a predator. The Sabre-Tooth quickly got the upper hand in the struggle and, after disarming Trog, killed him with a bite from its powerful jaws.

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