Toshiro, the Daimyo, is an undead character who appears in Wyrd Games' Malifaux universe.


A man of enormous proportions in life, Toshiro towered over most of his kind. In undeath, this Resurrectionist is a vast slab of a man, although now he appears somewhat the worse for wear; whilst he still wears the tattered garb of his mortal days, Toshiro now suffers the indignity of having his flayed ribs and spilled intestines on show for all to see. In addition, he is often seen sporting multiple broken arrows and spears which protrude at random from his battle-ravaged body. He invariably wields an enormous katana, and carries with him his War Fan.


An ancestor of the mighty Ten Thunders clan of Eastern Asia, the Daimyo - the title loosely translates as lord or warlord - died many years ago. However, now that humanity has discovered a new source of power through the soulstones of Malifaux, his resurrected corpse has become an increasingly common sight in the many skirmishes and bush wars that plague that strange other world.

Powers and Abilities


  • The Daimyo is capable of summoning a number of unliving minions to aid him in battle.

Inspiring Leadership

  • Toshiro can use his famed battlefield charisma to exhort his followers to greater effect, whether it be to move more quickly to where they need to be, or to fight harder in his presence. He can also use this innate ability to affect his enemies: many who see his majestic presence simply run in fear.

Enhanced Durability

  • Toshiro, being undead is very hard to slay outright. It has also become apparent that any who do manage to harm him are likely to be adversely affected by the disgusting toxins released when his long-dead flesh is pierced. As with many of the beings of Malifaux, he is capable of using the power of soulstones to mitigate any damage he suffers.