The Tormentor was a huge Necromorph encountered by Isaac Clarke aboard the Sprawl in Dead Space 2. Composed of numerous human corpses, it is three times the size of a Brute and many times stronger, despite having a leaner body.


The Tormenter is a very large Necromorph with a thin body and highly elongated limbs. At the end of a flexible neck is the creature's "head," which is formed from the head of a single human victim; the upper jaw has expanded into a fanged maw and a pair of mandibles protrude from either side of the face. The Tormenter's forelimbs are extremely long, and are composed of glowing yellow tissue near the shoulder joint; this tissue is a weak point, and if enough damage is sustained in this region it will explode, severing the limb. The rest of the body is a serpentine, misshapen mass of bony spikes and necrotic tissue. Overall, it resembles a Tripod, albeit heavily mutated, armoured and lacking the former's bladed tongue. It is very tough, as the guns from an EarthGov Gunship that can destroy a shuttle, don't seem to damage it.