Toadface was a character who appeared in the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Cthulhu Mythos.


A member of the aquatic species known as Deep Ones, Toadface had the “Innsmouth Look”, although it was not so pronounced that he was unable to pass himself off as a regular person. A fat humanoid, he possessed greying hair, a heavily-lined and greasy-looking face, large eyes, thick lips and a puffy double-chin. He also sported a pair of flapping gills in his armpits.

In addition, Toadface was a psychic, as evidenced by the fact that he drew the soul of John Masters from his body while he slept, and could then see the man’s ghost even when others of his race could not.


John Masters initially encountered Toadface in a coffee house in Innsmouth, unaware of the fact that he was not human. Toadface questioned Masters about his diet, insinuating that he would like to eat the man.

When Masters later died in his sleep and awakened as a ghost in one of the Deep Ones’ great undersea cities, Toadface recognised him at once and let slip that if Masters could find a sleeping body then he would be able to claim it as his own.

After racing through the city, Masters came across an ornate temple where the creatures known as Silent Ones had slumbered for many a century. Inhabiting the body of the largest of the Silent Ones, Masters swept up the unfortunate Toadface and carried him to a construction site in Innsmouth where he stuffed the unconscious creature into wet cement, smothering and presumably killing him.


  • Toadface is not this creature’s actual name, merely the name ascribed to him by John Masters based on his physical appearance.


  • Toadface made his only appearance in the short story Toadface (2004), by Mark McLaughlin.