are one of, if not the largest creature native to the planet Na Pali, appearing in Unreal. Standing roughly 10 metres tall and weighing 15-16 tons, titans are dinosaur-like in appearance and usually found in rocky areas. Titans come in two varieties, differentiated by colouration - the standard titan, which is a mixture of brown-orange and grey-white in colour, and the more dangerous Stone Titan, which has grey skin.

Because of their size, titans of both varieties are extremely aggressive, with translator messages left by others who ended up stranded on Na Pali describing the creatures banging on and shaking crashed spaceships. They are extremely resilient to small arms fire, able to shrug off anything from the energy blast of a dispersion pistol to a rocket's explosion. Despite their great strength, which they use to crush their foes under hand or foot, they will also throw boulders at their victims, with enough force to kill an average human outright.

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