The Thunn'ha, sometimes referred to as the Thunn'haa or Thuum'ha, were a species of creature which appeared in H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.


Not much is known of the appearance of the Thunn'ha as they are a long-dead race, but legend tells that they were a species of frog-like humanoids who were intelligent and relatively peaceful in nature. Where the Thunn'ha originate from, or even their activities before reaching Mnar, are unknown.

Colonisation of Mnar

Ancient stories tell that untold thousands of years ago the Thunn’ha descended from the moon along with their city, the vast metropolis of Ib, to come to rest on the shores of a great lake in the land of Mnar. There, they lived in peace for many long ages until finally Men arrived with the intention of establishing their own cities and mining the precious ores which were found there in abundance.

Although the two species lived in harmony at first, it was not long before the seeds of hatred began to grow in the hearts of Men. Seeing how different the Thunn'ha were from themselves and despising them for it, the Men of Mnar finally sent their warriors to Ib, wiping out every last Thunn'ha, tearing down their city and taking their mineral riches for themselves.


Although the Thunn'ha had been utterly annihilated, their god, the Great Old One known to mortals as Bokrug, descended upon the Men of Mnar, enacting a bloody vengeance and razing their cities to the ground.