The Theron Guard is essentially the elite corps of the Locust Horde. This group of Locust Drones have received advanced training and equipment and possess superior skill and intelligence to standard drones. The elite Therons are easily distinguishable from standard drones thanks to the long, leather-like cloaks and metallic masks that they wear, in addition to ornate armour, which is apparently superior to the generic drone armour. Their sibilant voices have been known to scare Gears into fleeing though their speech is also hard to understand or even notice thanks to being so raspy and mistaken for the wind. Therons are stronger, faster, and far more intelligent than an average drone. Because of their increased intelligence, strength, and speed, Therons are usually assigned to officer roles, leading smaller groups of Locust forces into battle.

Therons are equipped with a variety of weapons such as the standard issue Hammerburst, Gnasher shotguns and Lancers scavenged from the COG, Boltok pistols and the highly accurate Torque Bow. The Torque Bow is a type of coilgun fashioned into the appearance of an archaic crossbow that fires bolts filled with Imulsion. These bolts explode shortly after being embedded in targets.

Theron sub-classes

  • Palace Guards - Therons adorned with harder, more ornate armour and assigned to defend Queen Myrrah herself.
  • Theron Elite - The best of the best. These soldiers were adorned with black armour and served directly under General RAAM early on in the Locust War. Their equipment included Sawed-off shotguns, Torque Bows and special grenades that could attract Kryll.
  • Savage Theron - Therons that have been cut off from the Horde following the destruction of Nexus. These foes do not wield Torque Bows, instead preferring to attack enemies up close using Butcher Cleavers and sawed-off shotguns.
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