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The Spectre.

The Spectre is a fictional Antihero published by the American publisher DC Comics. His first appearance was in More Fun Comics magazine # 51 (January 1940) and he received his first main story in issue # 52 (February 1940). He is a cosmic entity with the powers of a god.

Being an aspect of God himself, The Specter is invested with an almost unimaginable power, allowing him to perform any feat that enters his imagination. He is capable of ripping and controlling reality itself, thus simulating whatever physical power he may need. He too he is almost omniscient, being able to sense events that have been altered by temporal distortions. His knowledge of the occult is immense, perhaps the most extensive in the universe.

He can communicate directly with God through the Logos, a communication channel that can only be used by him.


After the Lucifer Morningstar Rebellion, one of the members returned to the gates of Heaven in search of Forgiveness. Aztar took responsibility for his actions and promised to accept whatever punishment the Presence decided to impose on him. That was how it was decided that he would be the vehicle of God's Wrath. Aztar's memories were removed. The Ghost was born. After the death of Jesus of Nazareth, the Specter sought revenge on humanity. Archangel Michael interrupted him: following the example of Christ, God had determined that all aspects of himself should be linked to a human being. Their first host was Chakara, a Hindu who had died with his family and whose soul sought revenge. And he was only the first of many ...

In 1940, The Specter joined the soul of Jim Corrigan who, publicly inspired by the increasing numbers of Mystery Men, began acting as the Spectre. He was one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America and participated with them in countless adventures. His participation was key to cosmic threats such as the Antimonitor, during the event known as Crisis on Infinite Earths. He was also responsible for the return of his fellow SJA members from Limbo where he was exiled during that event.

One of the most critical moments in his entire history was during the conflict in the Balkan country Vlatava, where the Specter exterminated the entire population by determining that they were guilty. The only weapon capable of damaging him, the Spear of Destiny, was given to Superman to stop him but began to corrupt him. Superman proved himself worthy and the Specter sent the Spear to Heaven.

Eventually, the soul of Jim Corrigan, already tired of so much rage and anger, finally decided to rest and set out for Paradise, leaving the Specter behind. Thanks to Etrigan's machinations, The Specter ended up joining the soul of the renegade Angel Asmodel, who with his new power defeated Nero, the monarch of Hell, and unleashed his forces on Earth. To stop him, a new host had to be offered to the Ghost. Some mystics traveled to Limbo and recruited the soul of Hal Jordan. (see event "The Day of Judgment") Joined now with the Spectre, Hal reneged on his work as Punishment and attempted to reconvert himself into a Redemption force, perhaps because of his own sins. But, frustrated at being unable even to find redemption for himself, he began to lose control, watching as the Specter came to reject his orders.


Apart from being limited by the Laws and Designs of God, the Spectre is obliged to seek a human body as a host. Paraphernalia: he doesn't need it.


  • When Thanagar launched a savage attack on Oa, killing the Guardian Children, Hal succumbed to the Spectre's wishes and unleashed his full power to destroy the aggressors. Only the timely appearance of Abin Sur's soul convinced Hal that he had already purged his sins and that his time as a Wraith was over. (see Green Lantern # 17-18)
  • During the attack of the cosmic entity Qward against Oa, the Specter participated with the defending forces allowing them to face the tremendous power of the entity known as Parallax.
  • There seemed to be a dichotomy between both forces: the Specter as a coercive Force that maintains cosmic Order and Parallax as an element that only seeks to promote Chaos. a crisis is. (See Green Lantern # 23-29)
  • But the Specter continues without a host. Will Aztar claim the right to seek redemption from his own sins? Or will he again assume the mantle of God's Wrath?