Pack DS2

The Pack is a group of Necromorphs created from the bodies of children. They appear in Dead Space 2.


Each Pack member appears to be the reanimated corpse of a human child. The Necromorph infection has caused little in the way of physical alteration: the subject is devoid of body hair and the skin is left almost chalk-white, the fingers have elongated into razor-sharp claws and there are various tears in the skin on the arms, legs and abdominal region. Disfigurement around the mouth, nose, and eyes looks to have stopped before it was fully formed. The soft tissues of the lips and nose have been sloughed away, and the teeth only show the most passing changes. The lower jaws are overstuffed with large, peg-like protrusions, while the upper jaw is filled with a barely organized row of fangs. The eyes have simply atrophied into their sockets.

The Pack are among the weaker Necromorph types and have fragile skeletal structures. Total dismemberment is not required to kill them as a single shot to any part of the body seems capable of stopping them, but the Pack, true to their name, always attack as a group, so one must keep their wits about them to survive an encounter with these monsters.


To say that the Pack is made up of individuals is not entirely correct; rather, they act as a predatory gestalt with each member working with others surrounding it to act as a greater whole. Only in very rare occasions are these Necromorphs ever encountered one at a time.

The Pack attacks by overwhelming its prey with numbers and sheer ferocity. Moving fast and constantly shrieking, sections of the Pack maintain cohesion via auditory cues, rushing into an area and sweeping over their victims in a storm of violence from all sides.

They are notorious for still using their child-like vocals to scream at their victims, most likely causing disorientation, confusion, and panic. The pack will continue to barrage their prey with their terrifying screams in addition to their clawing and slashing, making the pack one of the most terrifying and loud Necromorphs on the Sprawl.