The Nether is a hell-like underworld which features in Mojang’s Minecraft franchise.


A highly dangerous environment, the Nether can only be accessed through the building of a portal using Obsidian blocks and igniting the doorway with some form of fire. Once transported to the Nether, the player will be confronted with a nightmarish landscape made up of floating islands of rock, sheer cliffs and lava. Lots and lots of lava. Fires also generate at random across the land, and if a player is killed in the Nether, then they will respawn in the Overworld, leaving all of their loot behind, unless if they set a charged respawn point in the Nether. As if all of this wasn’t enough, some of Minecraft’s most dangerous enemies make their home there, and the combination of these factors make the Nether an extremely hazardous place to navigate.

However, certain items essential to the creation of the most potent potions can only be located in the Nether, and for a sufficiently well-equipped and wary adventurer, a trip there can be well worth the not-inconsiderable risk.

Nether Wastes

Crimson Forest

Warped Forest

Soul Sand Valley

Basalt Deltas

Nether Fortresses

Nether Fortresses are giant bulwarks whose walls conceal vast labyrinthine networks of tunnels, filled with the most formidable of foes. On the other hand, chests tend to spawn prolifically in Nether Fortresses, so it can often be a rewarding venture to explore them thoroughly.

Bastion Remnants

Ruined Portals


Note that these creatures, excluding piglins, hoglins, piglin brutes, skeletons, and endermen, are immune to the effects of fire and lava, being able to walk and swim through the stuff, and can therefore easily catch an incautious player by surprise.

  • Blazes, bizarre spinning rodlike-creatures with a fiery attack.
  • Chicken Jockeys, baby zombies who ride on the backs of chickens.
  • Endermen, tall humanoids with an extreme dislike of being looked at.
  • Ghasts, enormous floating ghost-like entities who spit fireballs at their enemies.
  • Magma Cubes, giant bouncing boxes which split into multiple smaller entities when destroyed.
  • Skeletons, skeletal humanoids equipped with bow and arrow.
  • Wither Skeletons, more dangerous versions of regular skeletons who carry an enchanted blade.
  • Piglin, a neutral mob which is a cross between a human and a pig.
  • Piglin Brute, a tougher and overall more dangerous version of the piglins who is determined to guard the loot within Bastion Remnants.
  • Hoglin, a large wrathog mob that roam within crimson forests.
  • Zombified Piglin, a neutral mob which is the undead variant of the piglins.
  • Strider, a passive mob which is able to easily walk through lava.
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