The End is a parallel dimension in the Minecraft Franchise surrounded by nothing but the pitch darkness of the void. The End is a dimension filled to the brim with Enderman and other humanoid creatures and is observed by a large beast called the,¨Ender Dragon.¨

The location of the End is unknown as some players speculate that it could be in the void or a random dimension.

The End is a very challenging and unforgiving location, even for the most experienced warriors. A way of getting to the End is by finding an underground stronghold with the portal located deep within it or by creating it manually. Upon entering the End, you are greeted with the darkness below you and the dragons layer in front.

In order to leave you either have to die by jumping into the void, slain by the Enderman or the dragon, or defeating the beast itself and claiming your prize at the end.


The End is a almost pitch black dimension of the void with only the illumination of the End Stone beneath you and the End crystals towering above you. The place is filled with monsters such as: Enderman, Endermite, Shulkers, and the Ender Dragon.

Healing Towers

The Ender Dragon while in combat with the player has the ability to regenerate after being damaged to any degree. The towers range in size and position and are scattered across the island, adding to the difficulty. In order to destroy the tower, the player must scale the walls or mine into the tower to create stairs all the way up. The End crystals at the top will explode when hit. Healing towers may also be used to redeem the monster after it is killed.

End Portal

End portals are the entrance and exits to the dimension but only are re-accessible in the End by destroying the Ender Dragon. End portals require the Eye of Ender to open, but the eyes can only be rarely found, or created by venturing the Nether and strongholds.

Other Islands

The task of slaying the Ender Dragon is challenging but once it is complete, you will be offered with a gateway to the other side of the void on another floating island in which you can acquire the elytra wings and other riches before leaving.


Most or if not all monsters in the End have teleportation abilities meaning they can be anywhere at will.

  • Enderman: A tall, slender, humanoid creature that has the ability to teleport at any circumstance.
  • Enderdragon: God of the End that has the ability to shoot purple fire charges and spit purple acid.
  • Shulker: A blocky creature that shoots target lock capable fluid to deal damage.
  • Endermite: A small insect like creature that attacks and teleports in certain situations.
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