Terror Toad
Terror Toad
 was a toad-based monster created by Finster in the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers episode "Power Ranger Punks".


After Rita Repulsa's minion, Baboo, used a potion to turn the Rangers Billy and Kimberly into punks, Rita had Finster create the Terror Toad to dispose of the other Rangers. The Terror Toad quickly proved to be a powerful foe as he fended off the Rangers' attacks and almost immediately used his energy tongue to swallow Trini, the Yellow Ranger. Jason and Zack, the two remaining Rangers, continued to fight the monster, but were still no match for him and the Terror Toad soon used his energy tongue to swallow Zack as well. Jason continued to fight the Terror Toad alone, until he was joined by Billy and Kimberly who had been cured of the punk potion. Per Zordon's instructions, Billy and Kimberly cut off the Terror Toad's horn, but he quickly retaliated by using his own tongue to capture Jason and swallow him whole. After Billy leapt into the air to attack, the Terror Toad grabbed him with his tongue and swallowed him as well. With only the Pink Ranger remaining, the Terror Toad was joined by Baboo and the two close in on her. However, Kimberly fired several arrows into the monster's neck, causing him to spit out the Rangers. Kimberly then fired a single arrow into the monster's throat and the Terror Toad was destroyed.


Energy Tongue: Using his horn, the Terror Toad could conjure an energy-based mouth, which in turn shot out a long energy tongue. The tongue then wrapped around its victims, turning them into a small ball of energy, which the Terror Toad then swallowed.

Long Tongue: The Terror Toad possessed a very long tongue, which he could use to catch his opponents, pull them into his mouth, and then swallow them whole.

Extreme Durability: The Terror Toad possessed great defense and was nearly invulnerable, able to shrug off most of the Power Rangers' attacks. His only true weak point was the removal of his horn and the weak spot below his neck.

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