A suitor's face close-up.

Suitors are mutilated people found in the game Amnesia: Justine, the expansion of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Each suitor was once a man who Justine, the main character of the game, mutilated and locked in her basement, alongside three other, normal captives, as part of a psychological test she'd set up to see if she had any humanity left in her. There are three suitors, known as Aloïs Racine, Basile Giroux and Malo de Vigny. All suitors wear a metal cartwheel around their neck as a torture device and are covered in scars and chains. They also have no eyes.

Aloïs Racine

Aloïs Racine is the first of the three suitors. Aloïs has a self-destructive fixation with her, voluntarily cutting and mutilating himself to prove his love. He has admitted to being madly and jealously in love with Justine, abandoning his friends and family to be with her. Aloïs may have been partially responsible for the downfall and capture of the other two suitors, as he states in one of his notes to Justine that he would gladly murder Basile for her. He also sedated Basile, allowing Justine to blind him.

Basile Giroux

Basile Giroux is the second and strongest of the three suitors. Basile hates Justine as she was the one who blinded him, after forcing him to say that "her beauty is blinding". He also appears to have retained the most of his sanity. Basile was a carpenter when he was human. Basile has vowed to kill her for blinding him.

Malo de Vigny

Malo de Vigny is the third and final suitor. Malo was a talented violin virtuoso, until he got drunk before the premiere of some newly-written songs and couldn't play them properly. He threw his bow down and passed out, only to be dragged offstage by Aloïs and Basile, obviously still human at the time, and replaced by a different violinist. It is believed that Justine, who was in the audience as he was dragged off, drugged him. Malo is now insane, craving human flesh. That said, he will eat either Justine or the prisoner in his area, Inspector Malot no matter what. Because he was a violinist, he has a heightened sense of hearing, making it impossible to hide from him.

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