The Stinger is a large mutant scorpion that appears as the first boss of Resident Evil Zero.

This giant arachnid was created by Dr. James Marcus - co-founder of the Umbrella Corporation - as one of the earliest prototype B.O.W.'s utilizing the then newly discovered T-virus. The scorpion's body grew to a tremendous size, its exoskeleton hardening to bulletproof resilience. However, it failed as a marketable bio-weapon due to certain flaws generated by its mutation. The Stinger's head carapace had weakened and could be shattered by gunfire. The venom gland in its tail stinger had also receded, making it incapable of poisoning victims. It still posed a threat, of course, as its tail could impale human combatants and it could use its large pincers to crush victims or snap them like twigs.

Only one Stinger was ever created and was deployed by the clone of James Marcus as he initiated his plan to take revenge against Umbrella. The creature boarded the Ecliptic Express train where it battled former US Marine Billy Coen and STARS Bravo Team medic Rebecca Chambers. It smashed its way into the train's dining car where it encountered the pair and attacked them. Billy was able to kill the beast with a hunting rifle, shooting and penetrating its brittle head carapace.

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