Ssssssss . . .
- Creeper.

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Spiders are a species of large arachnid which feature in Mojang’s Minecraft franchise.


Like all mobs in Minecraft, Spiders are created from a series of blocks, and will spawn in the Overworld at low light levels, or from special Spider-spawners. They resemble terrestrial tarantulas with striped two-tone fur, a large abdomen, and a set of glaring red eyes. The span of their legs is equal to the height of a player, and they are capable of scaling sheer surfaces to get at their prey. Although tricky opponents due to their ability to climb terrain, they are not especially hardy creatures, and can be easily dispatched with a few swings from even a basic weapon.


When encountered during the daytime, Spiders are not hostile towards a player, and will only become aggressive if attacked. At nighttime however, their instincts take over and they will seek out players, lunging in for a small amount of damage per attack.

Spider Jockeys


Rarely, a Spider will spawn with a rider, such as a Skeleton or other hostile mob. Whilst not particularly dangerous on their own, a Spider with a rider can be a tough opponent, as the increased health alongside the combination of a wall-crawling Spider and a ranged attacker can be hard to counter.


When killed, Spiders have the chance to drop both String, which is useful in the creation of bows and other items, and Spider Eyes, a handy ingredient in the brewing of potions.

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