The Spider is a unique form of Necromorph that appears in Dead Space: Extraction. This gigantic creature is fought by Nathan McNeill on the outer hull of the USG Ishimura.


The Spider is a unique Necromorph of gigantic proportions. An unknown portion of its body is not visible, however the visible part is armour-plated, rendering direct fire on it useless. It features two large arms, two very large tentacles and many versatile appendages.

The large arms, each one ending in a scorpion-like stinger, can shoot bone barbs and have a weak underside.

The Spider has many leg-like appendages, used for walking support, and four special appendages just under the mouth used to remove the plating around it. When the mouth plating is moved aside, the creature uses its long tube-like mouth that can reach out and latch onto its victim. Once onto its target, many small pustules start to grow inside the mouth, bursting and hurting its victim. This creature has a secondary mouth attack where many glowing sacs attached to a tentacle will burst and Leapers will be released.