The Spencer Rain was an Umbrella-owned luxury cruise ship named in honour of Oswell E. Spencer, used as a setting in Resident Evil: Dead Aim. The ship served two purposes, the first consisted in offering top Umbrella officials and celebrities exquisite entertainment; the second, more sinister and main purpose, was conceived to ship Bio-Organic Weapons between ports.

In 2002 the T-Virus was unleashed upon the Spencer Rain by rogue Umbrella operative Morpheus D. Duvall and his associates. Morpheus planned to use the ship as a missile base, in order to threaten the world with T-Virus filled missiles. His goal was to create a world based on beauty and thus obliterating 'ugliness'.

In response to the outbreak, US-STRATCOM agent Bruce McGivern boarded the ship to stop Duvall, whilst also running into Chinese operative Fong Ling. Morpheus was killed and the ship was destroyed when it collided with an island.


Below is a list of irregular mutants and B.O.W.'s encountered aboard the Spencer Rain during the 2002 incident.

  • Zombies - The passengers and crew of the Spencer Rain were all exposed to the T-Virus, transforming them into undead creatures that hungered for living flesh.
  • Hunter Elites - The most advanced form of the Hunter-series bioweapon at the time.
  • Glimmers - Frog-based Hunter-class B.O.W.'s.
  • Pluto - Failed experimental B.O.W..
  • Nautilus - Amphibious B.O.W. capable of spawning living organic projectiles called "Torpedo Kids".
  • Tyrant-091 - A Tyrant-class B.O.W. created using a combination of T and G viruses.
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