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Spearow is a Tiny Bird Pokémon of the Normal/Flying variety. A common sight in plains and wastelands, it is considerably more aggressive than the forest-dwelling Pidgey.

Pokédex Data

Spearows have rough brown plumage and small hooked beaks. They can fly at great speeds, though they cannot achieve a very high altitude. If a single Spearow is threatened, it will emit a shrill cry and summon a large flock to retaliate. It feeds on insects in grassy areas.


  • Keen Eye - Spearows may be colour-blind, but beyond that their sight is highly acute. Nothing can diminish their keen accuracy.
  • Peck - A common attack shared by most bird Pokémon.
  • Fury Attack - Spearow will strike multiple times with quick stabs of its beak.
  • Pursuit - An attack that inflicts greater damage if the enemy tries to run away or is called back by a Trainer.


Spearow evolves into Fearow at Level 20.