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The Smilodon, or Sabre-Toothed Tiger, was a creature which appeared in the 1977 fantasy movie Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger.


Standing nearly as tall as a man at the shoulder, the Smilodon was a great cat with a heavy build and shaggy, tan-coloured fur. By far it's most distinguishing features however, were its long incisors, which stretched down below its chin.


When one of Sinbad's group killed evil sorceress Zenobia's son at the Shrine of the Arimaspi, she transferred her consciousness into the shrine's guardian, the fearsome Smilodon who had been frozen by Hyperborea's cold climate. Breaking free of its icy prison, the possessed Smilodon attempted to catch and kill Sinbad and his men, but at this point the troglodyte which had befriended the band earlier intervened, now armed with the a spear taken from the dead Minoton. Ultimately, the troglodyte proved no match for the giant cat, and the Smilodon killed the poor creature with a vicious bite to the neck.

The enraged Smilodon then killed one of the crew before turning on Sinbad himself. Sinbad was able to snatch up the fallen spear as the cat charged, however, and stabbed it through the chest, killing both the Smilodon and the evil magician who had taken control of its body.  

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