Slimes are the most basic and common enemies in the game Terraria


Most slimes appear to be a gelatinous mass with no specific shape. They appear in many different colours and in every part of the world where there is a place for them to spawn.


The majority of slimes can only do melee attacks by coliding with the player and can only move around by jumping. However, there are also a lot of unique slime enemies that can shoot projectiles or even fly.

Most slimes that spawn at the surface in the day are neutral to the player and won't attack them intentionally, however slimes that spawn underground or in the night will actively try to attack the player.


Most slimes will drop 1 or 2 gel. The only exceptions are:

  • Pinky - Drops 25-50 pink gel instead of normal gel
  • Hoppin' Jack - Does not drop anything

There are also some types of slime that will drop unique loot along with the gel. Those slimes are the:

  • Dungeon Slime - Drops a Golden Key
  • Windy Balloon - Has a chance to drop one of 7 types of kites or 2-5 paper airplanes
  • Rainbow Slime - Drops 30-60 rainbow bricks

Most slime types have a 0.01 chance to drop a slime staff, a weapon that summons a baby slime minion to fight for the player

Bonus Drops

Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Black, Baby, Jungle Slimes and Pinky have a chance to spawn with a random item stuck inside them that the player can get upon killing them. Those items can be:

  • Swiftness potions
  • Ironskin potions
  • Spelunker potions
  • Mining potions
  • Recall potions
  • Wormhole potions (Only in multiplayer)
  • Torches
  • Bombs
  • Rope
  • Hearts
  • Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Tungsten, Silver, Gold or Platinum Ores
  • 1 copper, sliver or gold coin

List of normal slimes

These slimes do not possess any unique abilities other than jumping and attacking by collision.

Pre - Hardmode

Green slime

Green Slime.png

This is the most basic type of slime and the first enemy most people will encounter.

Blue slime

Blue Slime.png

A more strong slime than the green one

Purple slime

Purple Slime.png

An even more strong slime than the green and blue ones

Red slime

Red Slime.png

Spawns underground

Yellow slime

Yellow Slime.png

Spawns underground, stronger than the red one

Black slime

Black Slime.png

Spawns underground, inflicts the darkness debuff

Ice slime

Ice Slime.png

Spawns in the snow biome

Sand slime

Sand Slime.png

Spawns in the desert

Jungle slime

Jungle Slime.png

Spawns in the jungle

Mother slime

Mother Slimesl.png

Spawns in the caverns layer, splits into three baby slimes when kiled

Baby slime

Baby Slime.png

Three of them spawn when a mother slime is killed

Lava slime

Lava Slimes.png

Spawns in the underworld, leaves a small amount of lava when killed in expert or master mode

Dungeon slime

Dungeon Slime.png

Spawns in the dungeon, drops a golden key when killed



One of the most powerful pre-hardmode slimes, drops pink gel

Umbrela slime

Umbrella Slime.png

Spawns during the rain


Toxic sludge

Toxic Sludge.png

Spawns undeground, can iflict poison

Corrupt slime

Spawns in the coruption, splits into 2-3 slimeling when killed

Corrupt Slime.png



Spawns when a corrupt slime is killed



Spawns in the crimson

Illuminant slime

Illuminant Slime.png

Spawns in the underground hallow

Rainbow slime

Rainbow Slime.gif

Spawns at the hallow when it's raining, can change colours. It is the most powerful slime in the game

Hoppin' Jack

Hoppin% 27 Jack.png

Spawns during halloween

List of unique slimes

These are slimes that possess unique abilities and differ a lot from the normal ones.


Spiked ice slime

Spiked Ice Slime.png

Can shoot ice spikes projectiles, spawns in ice biome

Spiked jungle slime

Can shoot jungle spikes projectile, spawns in jungle

Spiked Jungle Slime.png

Windy balloon

Windy Balloon.png

Spawns during the windy day event, can fly




Spawns in corruption, can fly, turns into a normal slime upon death



Spawns in hallow at night, can fly, can shoot laser beams

List of slime Bosses

King slime

Queen slime


The bestiary entries for:

  • Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black and Jungle Slimes: "A simple, gelatinous creature that swallows anything and everything whole! It takes a long time to digest anything."
  • Ice Slime: "Slimes that spent too long in arctic temperatures may begin to partially freeze, developing a shifting layer of ice on their surface."
  • Desert Slime: "Deserts are very dry, but the Sand Slime seems to have successfully adapted to the harsh conditions by becoming a pile of living sand."
  • Spiked Ice Slime: "This Ice Slime has large ice shards in its mass from excessive exposure to the cold. Somehow, it is able to launch these at its prey."
  • Spiked Jungle Slime: "Frequent consumption of the Jungle's toxins and thorns has resulted in a slime covered in venomous spikes."
  • Mother Slime: "Critical to the lifecycle of the slime species, these oversized jiggling masses are often found carrying their young deep underground."
  • Baby Slime: "Clinging tightly to their parents and rarely seen, these miniature slimes will swarm anyone who harms their mother."
  • Lava Slime: "Due to the heat of the underworld, these slimes have taken on the properties of lava. Slaying them is difficult and dangerous."
  • Dungeon Slime: "Slimes in the Dungeon became powerful by feeding off the cursed energy throughout the place. They seem particularly attracted to keys."
  • Pinky: "The smallest slime ever recorded, their extreme cellular density makes them incredibly durable for their small size. They eat money."
  • Ubrella Slime: "The previous owner of this umbrella learned the hard way: umbrellas are good protection against rain, but not against slime."
  • Windy Balloon: "Some enterprising slimes ride wind currents with balloons in an effort to find food. Pop their balloons to bring them back down to earth."
  • Toxic Sludge: "Distantly related to the common slime, the Toxic Sludge takes down its prey with potent toxins and a disarmingly toothy smile."
  • Corrupt Slime: "Steeped in the power of Corruption, these slimes can survive being cut apart into smaller pieces, unlike their untainted brethren."
  • Slimeling: "The still-animate severed pieces of an injured Corrupt Slime, Slimelings can still put up a fight, and have strength in numbers."
  • Slimer: "The Slimer has become airborne with wings of unknown origin. The wings are easily knocked off with force, depriving it of its flight."
  • Crimslime: "Taking on the consistency of congealed blood and flesh, Crimslimes seek out and digest more raw material for the Crimson."
  • Gastropod: "Touched by the blessing, these nocturnal slimes evolved into a levitating snail-like creature which spits powerful beams of light."
  • Illuminant Slimne: "Slimes exposed to the light of the Hallow's crystals begin to emit that very same light, glowing brightly in the darkness."
  • Rainbow Slime: "These blessing-infused gelatin menaces glow vibrantly in a rainbow of hues. As a result, they require a constant liquid intake."
  • Hoppin' Jack: "This particular pumpkin seeks revenge for being carved. His hearty leaps become quicker the more he is carved into."



Various coloured Slimes, pinkies, mother and baby slimes were included


Added King Slime and jungle slimes


Added Lava Slime


Added Dungeon Slime


Added Corrupt Slimes, Slimelings, Gastropod, Slimers, Toxic Sludges and Illuminant Slimes


Added Umbrella Slimes, Rainbow Slimes, Crimslimes, Spiked Jungle Slimes, Ice Slimes and Spiked Ice Slimes

Added Sand Slimes

Added Queen Slime

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