The Sleepwalkers are ancient and forgotten nomadic race of vampiric shapeshifting werecats.

Thousands of years ago, the Sleepwalkers, who are Earth-born human-like beings, were once worshipped by humans as gods in ancient Egypt. They possess such supernatural abilities, including the one: "dimming", able to turn themselves and any other object or person in their own presence invisible. They also feast on the life energy of young virgin girls in order maintain their youth and their strength. But somehow, all that changed and these creatures were renounced and even shunned as monsters and demons, probably due to their weakness to cats. They intensely feared and hated cats, even the Sleepwalkers were born with the same animal organs. Whatever the case, the Sleepwalkers couldn't have the adoration, love or respect from the human race, and thus they became outcasts.

Centuries continue to pass and the Sleepwalkers were seen and branded as not just monsters, but also as witches and warlocks. They appeared in many stories and legends. They continue to hide in obscurity. It is once said that they have been having incestious relationships in order to try to procreate new Sleepwalkers as well as to survive and even to love.


Thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, the Sleepwalkers, shapeshifting Earth-born humanoid cat beings, were once worshipped by humans as gods. This was due to the many supernatural abilities they possess including telekinesis, illusion casting, and most notably the "dimming", or the ability to turn themselves as well as any other object or person in their own presence invisible. They exploited their subjects' worship of them to gain human sacrifices as despite the fact they are immune to nearly any injury they must feast on the life energy of virgin girls in order to maintain their youth and strength. Unfortunately for the Sleepwalkers, their domination of humanity came to an abrupt end when the humans stumbled across their one weakness. Remarkably despite their feline origins and appearance in their true form, the supernatural horrors were fatally weak against the common house cat. In addition to being able to see through their illusions (something only cameras were also shown to be capable of doing) house cats claws and fangs were capable of inflicting wounds that not only weakened Sleepwalkers to the point they can be killed by normal means but also burned the creatures to the point of even causing them to burst into flames. Once this mortal weakness was discovered the monsters were renounced by their former worshippers and shunned as demons.

Centuries passed and the Sleepwalkers were branded not just as monsters, but also as witches and warlocks and sought out to be slain. In order to survive, they went into hiding. Nearly forgotten by humanity in the ensuing centuries, the only knowledge of them were the many scattered stories and legends they appeared in becoming the basis for the legends of the vampire. Due to their species depleting numbers the creatures resorted to having incestuous relationships in order to continue the species.

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