Slasher DS1

Slashers are the most common variety of Necromorph encountered in the Dead Space video games. Created from a single human corpse, the Slasher is so-named due to the growth of elongated bone blades from its hands. These arms are sometimes created by altering the host's original arms, while in others the slashing arms are entirely new appendages sprouting from the shoulder blades. Another pair of arms can be seen extending from the abdomen that appear vestigial, but can be used to hold down struggling victims. The bones of the feet are fused and lengthened while the heel bone is extended almost parallel to the angle of the sole, forming a sharp peg that aids in balance. While this modified foot may aid the creature in rapidly crawling through vents and running, it results in an unstable gait while walking, and as such Slashers have difficulty holding their balance without constantly moving their slashing limbs as counter-weights.


  • Enhanced Slasher - Created from corpses that have necrotised over a longer period of time. They can be easily told apart from standard Slashers by their black, mottled flesh and glowing eyes. They are considerably stronger and faster and more difficult to kill.
  • Female Slasher - Certain female corpses undergo a lesser degree of transformation upon infection, with the Slasher blades always growing from the original arms and less apparent tearing of skin and muscle tissue. These female Slashers can also spit globules of acid at prey.