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Skullcrawlers (Latin: Cranium reptant) are one of the secondary antagonists (alongside Preston Packard) of the 2017 adventure film Kong: Skull Island, the second installment of the MonsterVerse franchise.


Growing up to 200 feet in length and reaching 100 feet tall, Skullcrawlers are the ultimate predators of Skull Island. So named because of the bone-like appearance of their heads and the fact that they have only two forelimbs forcing them to drag their powerful tails along the ground, the Skullcrawlers’ extraordinarily high metabolism means that they live in a constant condition of starvation; their driving imperative is to feed, feed, feed. They possess a hyper-enhanced sense of smell, razor-sharp barbs on their prehensile tails and a mouth


filled with needle-like fangs, are capable of dislocating their jaws in order to consume larger prey than would normally be the case, and their tongue is long and serpentine, with the ability to grab and constrict victims should the need arise. Due to their unique body structure, Skullcrawlers are equally at home in water or on land.

Skullcrawlers are subterranean creatures which exist in enormous burrows beneath the Earth. They only place they are capable of reaching the surface is on the geologically-unstable Skull Island; this makes the native habitat of the creatures a complete unknown to the human race. Indeed, there may be even larger specimens than the ones previously observed hidden in the dark depths of their lairs.


For all of their existence, the Skullcrawlers have been kept confined to their underground labyrinths by the race of gigantic primates known as the Kongs. However, the Skullcrawlers have slowly eroded the numbers of the Kongs, so that now only one, the adolescent King Kong, remains to keep them in check. How much longer he can do so alone is unknown.


The Big One

The Big One was a monster among Skullcrawlers which was awakened by the dropping of geological charges by the disastrous 1973 Monarch expedition to Skull Island. After a lengthy battle with Kong, it was finally beaten and killed by the giant ape.


  • In the movie, it is stated that if Kong is the god of Skull Island, then the Skullcrawlers are the devils.
  • The wrecked naval vessel photographed at the beginning of the film was hinted at having been destroyed by a Skullcrawler. If this is the case, then it can be reasonable assumed that the Skullcrawlers have managed to escape confinement on Skull Island.
  • Another hint, offered in the novelisation, is that the Skullcrawlers actually possess a form of malevolent intelligence, as the Big One was shown to savour the act of killing its enemies. If this is true, then the Skullwalkers are a far more dangerous foe than any had suspected.